Our Staff

Mrs Nichola Day

Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead / Computing Lead

Mrs Sarah Pascoe

Deputy Headteacher / Attendance / Catholic Life Lead / MFL Lead

School Office

Mrs Louise Codd

Mrs Jacquie Humber

Mrs Gisele Garside

The member of staff who deals with queries from parents and other members of the public.

Foundation Stage Teachers

Ms Jo Myers

Nursery Teacher

Mrs Samantha Pancott

Reception Class Teacher / PHSE and Citizenship Lead / Healthy Schools Lead / British Values Lead

Key Stage One Teachers

Mrs Sarah Pascoe

Year 1 Teacher / Deputy Headteacher / Attendance / Catholic Life Lead / MFL Lead

Mrs Tracey Dickinson

Year 1 Teacher / History Lead / Library Lead

Mrs Susan Kerr

Year 2 Teacher / Science Lead / Design Technology Lead

Key Stage Two Teachers

Miss Alice Winsor

Year 3 Teacher / Creative Arts Lead (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Miss Sophie Shaw

Year 3 Teacher (Maternity Cover)

Mrs Angie Ricketts

Year 4 Teacher / Curriculum Lead / Writing Lead

Mrs Jenna Flintham

Year 4 Teacher / Reading and Phonics Lead / EAL Lead

Mr Stephen Allen-Wicks

Year 5 Teacher / Maths Lead / Geography Lead

Miss Jade Simpson/PE Lead

Year 6 Teacher

Specialist Areas

Mrs Christine Nott

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead / Pastoral Support

Mrs Helen McCaig

THRIVE / Pastoral

Teaching Assistants

Miss Anna Witchell

Nursery Support

Mrs Amanda Berry

Nursery Support, HLTA / NNEB / After School Club

Mrs Rosie Wright

Reception Support

Mrs Della Tucker

Reception Support

Mrs Theresa Macdonald

Year 1 Support /SEAL, EAL and Speech and Language

Mrs Helen McCaig

Year 1 Support

Miss Charlotte Winfield

Year 2 Support

Mrs Kelly Coysh

Year 2 Support

Mrs Diane Taylor

Year 3 Support/ Breakfast Club / Parish Links / Talk Boost / SEAL

Mrs Emma Spackman

Year 4 Support

Mrs Jackie Perkins/ Library

Year 5 Support /

Mrs Lesley Mulloy

Year 5 & 6 Support / Garden / Thrive

Mrs Kelly Brett

Year 6 Support

Meal Time Assistants

Mrs Barbara Sutton


Mrs Janet Hawque


Mrs Brenda Short