‘Every child is an artist’

Pablo Picasso

Our art lessons at Sacred Heart School seek to release the artist in every child, regardless of their ability. Through their art experiences we aim to gradually develop our pupils’ skills in painting, drawing, three dimensional work, textiles and printmaking in addition to exploring digital media through the use of computers and information technology.

Our art curriculum has been developed to ensure every child throughout the school has the opportunity to practise and develop their art skills  as each year group re-visits  painting, printmaking and three dimensional work over three half term blocks.

Drawing underpins much of our artwork from the Nursery up to Year 6. In KS1 and KS2 every child has a drawing book for making quick sketches and collecting images for a particular  art topic, while a sketch book is also kept for recording and collecting ideas, inspiration, planning  their own art work, exploring different media and practising techniques.

In addition to making their own art, children are also taught about the work of established artists, designers and architects from a wide range of cultures and historical periods and may use them as the stimulus for their own work. Looking at the work of an artist and discussing the use of materials, their style and expressing an opinion also aims to help the children develop a language with which to discuss, critique and appreciate different art forms.

By the time our children leave us for their secondary education we hope they will have developed a lifelong love of art; appreciating how art can enrich and deepen their understanding of the world around them and also themselves, but also in the enjoyment of expressing themselves through making their own art.