We teach the new Computing Curriculum using the iCompute scheme of work.

iCompute in KS1

The children will learn :

  • iAlgorithm – sequences of instructions
  • iProgram – using instructions
  • iSafe – how to be safe while using ICT
  • iSearch – how to search using the internet
  • iWrite – how to write using different programs


iCompute in Lower KS2


The children will learn:

  • iAlgorithm – how problems can be solved more easily
  • iconnect – computer networking
  • iData – data represented digitally on computers
  • iProgram – games and animation development
  • iSafe – how to be safe and while using ICT

iComoute in Upper KS2

  • iAlgiorithm – sequences of instructions, searching, sorting networks
  • iApp – designing and developing mobile apps
  • iNetwork – networks, data and creating web content
  • iProgram – designing and developing computer games
  • iSafe – how to be safe while using ICT
  • iWeb – remixing and creating web content using html

ICT in the Curriculum

The children are also using ICT in all other areas of the curriculum.

They use cameras to record their work and achievements.

They use PC’s, laptops and surfaces for researching and recording their work.

They use microphones for recording their drama and speaking and listening work.

ICT – Click on this link to find a good website for any advice about keeping safe on line.