Religious Education at Sacred Heart

Religious Education at Sacred Heart “Religious education is never simply one subject among many, but the foundation of the entire educational process. The beliefs and values studied in Catholic religious education inspire and draw together every aspect of the life of a Catholic school.” (Statement from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, May 2000)

Our religious curriculum, both knowledge and reflective, lay the foundation of our childrens’ academic and emotional development in school. Although it is taught discreetly, it permeates through all aspects of school life at Sacred Heart. We aim to:

– To expose children to the person of Christ, as revealed in Scripture and in the manner in which we teach.

– To teach children to know that God speaks to us in the way we experience and engage with kindness, beauty, justice, the wonders of the natural world, relationships and the needs of others.

– To model positive attitudes and communication through well prepared lessons.

Our religious teaching follow the ‘God Matters’ curriculum . The curriculum consists of a series of units covering all aspects of Religious Education.

The Units we cover are as follows:

Creation, Prayers,Saints and Feasts, Revelation, Advent, Christmas, Sacraments, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost & Mission and Other Faiths.

The children are taught using a variety of approaches, e.g. drama, art, writing, music, presentation which enables all children of all abilities to engage with the curriculum. Children are assessed on three of these units and given two levels:

AT1- Learning about Religion: Knowledge and Understanding

AT2-Learning from Religion: Reflection on Meaning.

AT1 focuses on learning about the different aspects of the Catholic Church, prominent figures, celebrations and feasts and the teachings of Jesus. The children also learn about different aspects of other faiths such as Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. AT2 is developing how children apply the knowledge of religion to their own lives. At Sacred Heart we do this by developing our childrens’  spirituality and ability to reflect on their lives and actions. We  give children time to reflect on Jesus’ life and see how we can apply his example to our busy and sometimes challenging lives. Everyday, after lunch, we have a quite time of mediative reflection.The time may be spent focusing on a piece of music or art, or a question from the Liturgy from the beginning of the week. We begin the week with our school Liturgy which focuses on the Gospel from the previous Sunday, again allowing our children to reflect on their lives according to the Gospel and preparing them spiritually for the week ahead. Our religious curriculum also extends to the wider community within Paignton. We are proud to be part of the Parish of Sacred Heart where we regularly attend the Church for class masses and for significant events throughout the year. We have a close relationship with Father Mark who is commited to working with the school community. We also encourage children to support the needs of the wider community, nationally and internationally, through raising money for our class charities. Just as we teach the children how Jesus showed compassion to those who needed His help and faith, we encourage the children to follow His example through helping those less fortunate than us within our school, Parish and wider community.