At Sacred Heart, we believe it is a child’s ‘right to read’ and experience the joy of literature. Therefore, our Reading Curriculum is designed progressively and creatively to ensure that at each stage of development, we provide our children with a wealth of literature, appropriate pedagogies, and the correct level of support, to enable each child to become fluent and enthusiastic readers. Our approach to reading is based on the ‘Simple View of Reading’ theory, in which both a paralleled then combined focus on word reading and language comprehension skills are developed for children to read effectively. From a focus on the development of oracy and vocabulary and the fostering of early reading skills in the EYFS, we ensure that the children in our care establish strong foundations ready to read. Our clear progression of phonic knowledge and skills in the EYFS and KS1, enable our children to quickly develop word reading skills in order to read independently. Our progressive focus on language, vocabulary, metacognitive comprehension strategies and fluency skills, ensure that our children have the critical skills to access the meaning of any text they may encounter or choose to read.

Critically, throughout our school, we aim to foster a love of reading; through providing children with opportunities to listen and engage with a range of quality texts within our progressive reading spine. We endeavor for our children to become ambassadors of books by sharing their love of literature within our school and wider community, and most importantly, become readers for life


Reading at Sacred Heart

We LOVE to Read

Literature and Language

Literature and Language

Our Sacred Heart Literature Spine is integral to the development of our children’s vocabulary and language. The texts, as shown in our spine, are explored within lessons and learning, and read to children at the end of the day, with the aim to increase their vocabulary and enhance their language.

EYFS and Year 1

Each half term, children have a selection of Nursery Rhymes, Traditional Tales and texts that are embedded within their learning curriculum. These texts are shared and discussed with the children and key vocabulary is chosen from these texts, discussed then used within the learning environment. These texts often become favourites after being read several times, and are placed into the book corner for the children to enjoy.

KS2 and Year 2

Within these year groups, children will listen to a Class Novel, read by the teacher at the end of day. These Class Novels will be used within reading lessons, to explore language and vocabulary, and develop comprehension skills. Children also read widely through reading lessons, where a number of texts, linked by a theme, are explored.

Reading at Home

EYFS & Year 1

Children have the opportunity to take home a library book from our school library. Children are not expected to read this book, but share it at home with an adult. Dependent on their stage in the RWInc. journey, children will receive resources, or RWInc books, corresponding to their RWInc group. Books will only contain sounds they have learnt in school and are familiar with. Please see the home reading provision document for more details. Children are expected to read every day at home, to support and reinforce their learning in school. We ask and adult to write in their reading record, when they have listened to their child read.

Year 2

Children in year 2 will continue to have a RWInc book or, if they have completed the RWInc programme, a book band book. Children will also have the opportunity to bring home a library book from our school library. Children are expected to read every day at home, to support and reinforce their learning in school. We ask and adult to write in their reading record, when they have listened to their child read.

Key Stage Two

Children will bring home an Accelerated Reader book from the school library. Some children may also continue to have a RWInc book or book band book if appropriate. It is a home learning expectation for children to read approximately 15 minutes a day.

Accelerated Reader

Once in year 3, children begin the Accelerated Reader programme. This programme encourages children to read independently, whilst allowing teachers to monitor their reading closely. Children are able to choose a book at their level from our school library and once finished, children take a short quiz on the computer. (Passing the quiz is an indication that children have understood what they read.) Accelerated Reader gives both children and teachers feedback based on the quiz results, which the teacher then uses to direct ongoing reading practice. Reading targets are set every half term, based on 15 minutes reading a day and achieving above 85% in quizzes. If children achieve their targets, they receive a certificate. We also award children special Reading Millionaire badges, when they have read 1,000, 000 words on the Accelerated Reader scheme.

Children using Accelerated Reader, take a Star Reading Quiz every half term and the result provides them with a reading level range.  Children then choose their own books to read, within this range, from our school library, rather than an adult assigning a book to them. This makes reading a more enjoyable experience, as they can choose books that appeal to them. This in turn promotes independent reading and most importantly nurtures a love of reading.

Sacred Heart Home Reader Provision