The Role of the Officers

If a member seeks election as Chairperson, and is unsuccessful, they will automatically go forward for possible election as Vice-Chairperson. The Council agreed that these positions should be open to year 6 pupils.

The School Council have outlined the roles of each officer, which will be as follows:

Chairperson: (Elected by peers)

  • Draw up an agenda – all members can add to this up to a week before a meeting so it can be finalised at the workshop
  • Take views of other Council members
  • Give their views about matters being considered
  • Lead formal school council meetings making sure all members have the time to speak and be heard.

Vice-Chairperson: (Elected by peers)

  • Take the Chairperson’s place if not available
  • Assist the Chairperson

Secretary: (Apply for position)

  • Take down the minutes of the meeting and distribute them to school council representatives
  • Make sure a copy of the minutes goes up on the school council notice board
  • Write any letters/emails and communicate with council members
  • Prepare information for school council notice board
  • Prepare room for meetings, making sure all relevant paperwork is in place.

Treasurer: (Apply for position)

  • Keep a record of how much money the council has and what the money is spent on
  • Monitor that the money is spent sensibly and that the council only spends money they have.