Our Worship Life

Worship is an important part of our everyday life at Sacred Heart. We worship collectively as a school, in our classes and individually throughout the day and week. We allow the children and staff time to reflect on the word of God through our Sacred Liturgies, Acts of Worship, Mass in Church and class reflection times during the day. Parents and Carers and our Parish are invited to attend our collective worship throughout the week.  Our Friday assembly is a celebration of the children’s hard work and learning throughout the week. We know how important it is to share the achievements of the children in our care with their parents and carers.

Mass in Sacred Heart Church

Every week, an individual class attends Mass on a Wednesday or Thursday. We also regularly attend Mass as a whole school to worship with the Parish of Sacred Heart as a community. Since September we have attended Harvest Festival Mass, Mass for the sick, and Ash Wednesday. Below is a picture of the Harvest Festival in church that we celebrated with the Parish. Children from Sacred Heart decorated the church with artwork inspired by the harvest festival. During Mass every Sunday, the children of the Parish are invited to join with teachers and teaching assistants from Sacred Heart for the children’s liturgy. They have a peaceful liturgy followed by activities linked to the Gospel.