Prayer Space

Prayer Space 2018!

Prayer Space 2016

On February the 9th 2016, Sacred Heart held our first Prayer Space. It was a wonderful experience for both the children and staff of our school community. The staff and parish transformed a room in the church hall into a beautiful space, to allow children to reflect on matters of faith and life. The staff created a range of activities that encouraged personal reflection and prayer, on issues such as forgiveness thankfulness, big questions and stillness.

Prayer Space 2017

Open The Book Assembly

Every Thursday, a group of volunteers from local churches come to perform stories from the Bible. The assembly engages our children in scripture and allows time for personal reflection at the end of the assembly.


Mass in Sacred Heart Church

Every week, an individual class attends Mass on a Wednesday or Thursday. We also regularly attend Mass as a whole school to worship with the Parish of Sacred Heart as a community. Since September we have attended Harvest Festival Mass, Mass for the sick, Ash Wednesday and more recently a Mass of Thanksgiving for Mrs Jane Fraser.

Below is a picutre of the Harvest Festival in church that we celebrated with the Parish. Children from Sacred Heart decorated the church with artwork inspired by the harvest festival.

During Mass every Sunday, the children of the Parish are invited to join with teachers and teaching assistants from Sacred Heart for the children’s liturgy. They have a peaceful liturgy followed by activities linked to the Gospel.